miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

A Blue Christmas Tree - Arbolito de Navidad Azul

Here you are a different, alternative and easy Christmas Tree -in blue, of course!!-. I bought a porespan cone, crocheted a blue cover for it and decorated it with some pearly beaded pins to give it a "christmas effect". For the base, I crocheted two round circles in blue and beige, like a kind of a little potholder.

Os presento un árbol de Navidad alternativo, en azul por supuesto!. Realmente es muy fácil y rápido de hacer. Compré un cono de porespan y tejí una funda de ganchillo siguiendo el patrón de un cono y adaptándolo un poco al tamaño. Una vez cubierto con la funda, lo decoré clavando en el porespán agujas con perlitas para darle un toque más navideño. Para la base, realicé dos círculos de ganchillo en colores azul y crudo.

One more crochet birdie

I can't say anything but: I'm stuck to these birdies. They're so cute in all these different colours. As my little girl says: "the retro colours". I fell in love with these sweet and vintage coloured yarns!! I want to craft some more and give them for Christmas to my relatives and friends. And remember, the tutorial at Attic24 blog.

No puedo decir nada más que: Estoy enganchada a estos pajaritos!!!. Quedan perfectos en diferentes colores. Este de aquí, como dice mi niña: "con colores retro". Entré en una mercería antigua de Barcelona y me enamoré de estas madejas de lana suaves y con colores estilo vintage. Quiero hacer unos cuantos más para regalar estas navidades a familiares y amigos. Y recordad, el turorial en el blog de Lucy, Attic24.

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

Christmas Silver Stars, Flowers and Snowflakes

I've been trying some patterns with a silver shiny yarn I bought a few days ago. It's nice to work with this yarn and I think it gives a kind of a "Christmas effect" to these little stars, flowers and snowflakes. Don't you think so?

Two more crochet birdies

Following the Attic24 tutorial, I've crocheted two more birdies... These ones, I will give them to a friend of mine who has two daughters. I hope they'll like them!!!.

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

My first Crochet Birdie

I have to tell you that I've found a very nice and interesting blog: Attic24 (you can have a look at it in my blogroll). I started reading it with some curiosity and interest in finding some cute crochet patterns but, after some days, now I've become addicted to it!!!. I read Lucy's posts everyday and enjoy a lot her photographs, patterns, recipes, crochet goodies and her home and the village where she lives. My life may seem very different from hers but it isn't: I live in an appartment in Barcelona (7th floor -Higher than an attic!). I have a nice terrace from where I see the Mediterranean sea (she sees some lovely and greeny hills). Here in Barcelona it's sunny almost everyday and the cold weather hasn't arrived yet. From what I read, in Attic24, weather in North England is cold and wet most of the times in autumn and winter. I think this is the reason why a lot of English women like to stay at home with their kids baking, crochetting, knitting, reading and having nice cups of tea by the fireplace!  Here in Barcelona, I usually spend a lot of time out of home, going for a walk or riding my bicycle up and down the city. I used to work in a company but, in february, I quit my job and became a freelancer so I spend now more hours working at home. Besides, I take care of my little daughter as well. I've always loved to make crafts. I started a lot of years ago with cross stitch but, some months ago, I discovered the "Faboulous World of Crochet", through some amigurumi dolls that I saw in a shop. So, I asked my mum to show me how to start crochetting and, thanks to her and thanks, of course, to the Internet tutorials and some books I've been able to crochet some, I think, interesting and nice things for my daughter and home. So, after finding the Attic24 blog, I believe that Lucy and I live in very different countries and see each morning very different landscapes but, at last, we also have a few things in common: we take care of our children, like crochetting, like tea, enjoy the little things of life and are happy with them!!. Well, she also bakes very nice recipes but I'm not very good in the kitchen, but my sister is (have a look at her blog: http://www.kikacakes.blogspot.com/)  so I enjoy eating her cakes, cupcakes, brownies and desserts!!!.
Well, with all these words I just wanted to show you a very nice birdie that I made from an Attic24 tutorial. Well, this is my first birdie. I want to make some more using other colours. It could be a very nice Christmas tree ornament, don't you think so?. Thank you Lucy for your posts, patterns and way of life!!!

First Christmas Amigurumis

Se acerca Navidad y, poco a poco, empezamos a mirar regalos y a pensar en cómo decoraremos nuestra casa y abeto navideño. Aprovechando que anochece muy pronto, apetece más quedarse en casa y hacer ganchillo. Aquí tenéis una muestra de lo que he hecho últimamente: dos amigurumis: Casita de Gengibre y Árbol de Navidad. EL patrón de la casita (Gingerbreadhouse) lo encontraréis en Lion Brand Yarn. Es fácil y rápido de hacer y a los niños les encanta, aunque no se pueda comer!.

Christmas is coming and everybody is starting looking for some presents and Christmas decorations. Let me show you my last two crocheted amigurumis: A Christmas Tree with a silver star on top and a yummy, yummy GingerBread House (Free pattern at Lion Brand Yarn website). Do you like them?

Crochet Halloween Bookmarks

Siguiendo con el espíritu de Halloween y antes de que éste sea reemplazado por el de Navidad -que ya ha empezado!- os muestro aquí dos "Spooky Bookmarks", uno con una araña y su tela y otro con un murciélago. Los hice en 10 minutos y son muy resultones para regalar. Utilicé los colores corporativos de Halloween pero, evidentemente, podéis hacerlos en cualquier color y con cualquier tipo de lana. Para este grosor empleé un ganchillo de 3.5mm. Los patrones los encontraréis en  http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/halloween.php

Here you are two "Spooky Halloween bookmarks": one that shows a spider and her spiderweb and another one with a bat. Very easy and quick to crochet and very nice to give!!. The free patterns, I found them at: http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/halloween.php